The Set Afternoon Tea Menu is our very best seller, offering a selection of our fanciest handmade savoury and sweet treats.  Each item is freshly baked in our tiny open kitchen, and the menu itself changes frequently, according to what's seasonal and available (and what we feel like eating/baking/sharing) on any given day of the year.  Some fixtures will never change, for example, there will always be scones, but the flavours, structures and fillings are constantly in development, and when we hit on a combo that's just too good to miss, you can bet it'll show up on the Set Afternoon Tea Menu first.

We are often asked if we can cater to special dietary requirements, and the short answer is yes, with a bit of notice! We have created vegan, GF, and nut free versions of this menu (and several combinations thereof) - the only thing we can't do is guarantee any of our food 1s 100% allergen free.  This is because we prepare all our food our tiny kitchen, creating a risk of cross contamination.  Please bear this in mind if you or any of your guests suffer with severe food allergies or intolerances, and contact us before booking to discuss your requirements.

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***Please be aware that this is a SAMPLE MENU***

Our set menu varies frequently so it is important that let us know

about any food allergies or intolerances before your visit!

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