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Do I need a reservation to visit the tearoom?

We strongly recommend making an advance reservation for our Set Afternoon Tea Menu, especially if you are making a special journey or are planning to visit at the weekend, when we are at our busiest!  We are a small independent tearoom with only five tables and they tend to fill up quickly.

Do you take walk-in customers?

Walk-in customers (without reservations) are welcome and will be allocated the next available table on a first come, first served basis.  

Can I book a table without pre paying for the Set Afternoon Tea Menu?

Unfortunately we only take pre paid reservations for the Set Afternoon Tea Menu.  This is because we are a very small venue with a limited capacity and The Set Afternoon Tea Menu is our speciality - our number one best seller and most popular choice!  If you would like to visit the tearoom but prefer to order individual plates (for example, a Devon Cream Tea or a sandwich) from the daily menu, you can still walk-in but you cannot reserve a table for this.

How do I make a reservation?

You can use our online booking system to book tables (for up to six people) from 12 hours to 3 months ahead of your visit.   The "Book Now" button on our website allows you to check real time availability and make the prepayment that completes your booking.  For groups of more than 6 guests please contact us directly to arrange your reservation.

How does your online booking system work?

We only accept reservations for the Set Afternoon Tea Menu, and we take a full prepayment for this at the point of booking.  This prepayment guarantees your table, and the availability of the set afternoon tea menu. 


Can I book a last minute table for today?

For same day reservations you can call the kitchen on 01392 274134 and leave a clear message including your contact details, the size of your group and any special dietary requirements.   If we don't answer right away we are probably baking so please be patient, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible if we are able to accommodate your request.  Please note that we will still need to take prepayment for the Set Afternoon Tea Menu (over the 'phone) to complete your reservation.

We've booked as a group for afternoon tea at the tearoom - can we bring extra decorations?

If you are keen to personalise your afternoon tea table we really recommend handmade things (like name cards) or a fresh flower arrangement that can easily be added to our beautiful vintage china place settings.  We strongly discourage the use of balloons and/or single use plastic or foil decorations (including table confetti) as we know from experience it will all end up in the bin soon afterwards!  We have spent a lot of time figuring out how to run a food business without generating tonnes of unnecessary waste (read this link for some statistics about waste from the UK Hospitality and the Food Service sector) and we really hope that you, our brilliant customers, will continue to support us in these efforts.  You can do this by bringing your own reusable cups (for takeaway drinks) and being imaginative with your approach to sustainable party decorations! 

Are dogs allowed in the tearoom?

We are happy to accommodate quiet, clean, well-behaved dogs (and children) where space allows!

Do you have highchairs?

We don't have any highchairs, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.  Remember to include information about extra children/infants/buggies or pets when you book, so that we can allow enough extra space at your table to comfortably accommodate your entire party.

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