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Bake Your Own Scones Kit

Bake Your Own Scones Kit


I have been asked for my scone recipe many times over the years.  The truth is, it's an ever evolving beast.  Constant repetition brings with it a naturally improved technique, and I would recommend that anyone looking online for recipes (of which there are literally thousands available) read at least three to compare and contrast some different approaches before trying something new!  This kit is designed for beginners - it includes all the basic gear and simple step-by-step instructions to produce a dozen delicious traditional scones.  Serve them warm, with a pot of your favourite jam, lashings of luxurious clotted cream and your choice of brew, and you won't go far wrong.


What's included:

Hidden Treasure Scone Mix (795g, contains self raising flour, vanilla sugar, baking powder and salt) in reusable glass storage jar.

A non-stick baking sheet, sillicone pastry brush and scone-sized pastry cutter, plus easy to follow Instruction Sheet.


You will also need:

175ml Cold Milk.

100g Cold Butter (cut into cubes).

A beaten egg (or extra splash of milk) for glazing. 

A mixing bowl, a pair of scrupulously clean hands and an oven (pre-heated to 180 degrees celsius).


How long will it take?

The key with scones is to keep the mixture cold and not hang about or play with it too much!  You should be able to get them made and out of the oven in around 30 minutes, although they will benefit from 15 minutes cooling on a wire rack afterwards, if you can bear to wait that long.


    This kit contains wheat flour and is prepared in a kitchen where allergens are present.  Unfortunately this means we are unable to guarantee that any of our products are 100% allergen free.  Please contact us to find out more about the in