Sourdough Starter Kit

Sourdough Starter Kit


I have a confession to make...   I've cooked and baked at home practically all my life but I ashamed to admit that until May this year I had never baked a loaf of bread. 


The reason?  I'm impatient.  At home my go-to recipes are on the table in 30 minutes or less, with as little washing up as possible, especially after a long day of baking and cleaning up after other people at work!  So until recently I had completely avoided bread. 


Then lockdown happened.  I found myself swiping daily past thousands of Insta pics of perfect home baked sourdough loaves.  I even turned down offers to share starters from very kindly neighbours.  I stayed at home, nibbling biscuits and telling myself there was not enough time in my life for making bread.  The crunch point came when my boyfriend came home one day, laden with spoils from a roadside sale.  Fresh eggs, a new book, some runner bean plants and a dollop of sourdough starter in a plastic takeaway pot.  There was a tiny scrap of paper attatched to the lid, with a single sentence of care instructions on it.  " What are you planning to do with that?" I asked.  "I thought you'd know what to do with it" he said, "you are a baker, arent you??".    At that point I knew had to make a choice.   Either "accidently" wash up the pot and hope nobody else noticed, or embark immediately on a self-led internet based crash course on how to make sourdough bread.  Obviously I took the latter option - I've always been terrible at throwing things away.


I won't lie to you - there have been times when I was convinced I'd killed the starter.  Woeful neglect and my complete inability to stick to any kind of non-work related kitchen schedule mean I have often walked this line,  but it has always bounced back...   I've made crusty bread, soft bread, seeded bread, white bread, wholemeal, rye, spelt and even sourdough rolls, and every single one has been delicious, if not always as exquisitely beautiful as the effortlessly crafted aformentioned Insta pic examples.  I've mucked about and fiddled with the recipe, as you would any recipe that has been repeated at least once a week for over six months, the results of which I share with you in this kit.  FYI the starter is the very same one - feel free to name it and don't forget to tag me @hiddentreasuretearoom in any triumphant Instagram photos you might post with your DIY loaves!


What's included:

Strong White Bread Flour (610g) in glass storage jar.

Sourdough Starter  (100g) in large glass jam jar with elastic band (keep refridgerated).

Seed Mix (20g) with pumpkin, sunflower, linseed, sesame and hemp.

Easy to follow Instruction Sheet


You will also need:

1-2 teaspoons of Salt

50ml Olive Oil

300ml Cold Water

Kitchen scales

Large Mixing Bowl

Greasproof Paper

A damp teatowel, cling film or wax wrap (to cover your dough while it proves).

A large casserole dish, cast iron pot (with lid) or Dutch oven.

An oven that can be heated to 200 degrees celsius.


How long will it take?

Approximately 12-24 hours while you feed your starter, then 6-12 hours for your dough to prove, plus 50-60 minutes baking time. 

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    This kit contains wheat flour and a selection of seeds that may include pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, linseed, hemp and fennel.  It is packed in a kitchen where other allergens are present.  Unfortunately this means we are unable to guarantee that any of our products are 100% allergen free.  Please contact us to find out more about the ingredients we use.


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